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NJSRC's Referee Continuing Education:

Join us for our monthly Referee Continuing Education topics. These will provide current referees with additional resources to be lifelong students of the game. Click here for further details.

Rules of Competition

As we start the 2023/2024 season, we must know the Rules of Competition for the leagues you will be assigned to.

Your assignor can give you those rules and/or send you to the website so you can download a copy. Also, if you are assigned an NJYSA League match, review their Modifications to the Laws of the Game. Again, this is just for NJYSA League and does not pertain to any other association.

Please remember, when you are checking in players according to each league’s rules of competition, it is important, and your responsibility to check player and coach passes, whether physical cards or digital.

If you have any questions, please ask your assignor.

Field Equipment Usage Guidelines

All non-field of play items (i.e. video/audio equipment, signs, banners, chairs, blankets, refuse cans, tables, etc.) should be positioned a safe distance from the field of play and in a manner as not to interfere with the operation of the match or the safety of the players (e.g., in line with or behind the player’s bench and/or parent’s bench).


Placement shall be a safe distance from goal line or sidelines such as not to impede the progress of AR1/AR2, the conducting of substitutions, or flow of play and equipment should be properly operated and anchored according to manufacturer specifications.

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