Travel Stipend for referees invited to premier events

Referees invited to participate in Regional or National level premier tournaments (such as Showcase events) may be eligible for up to $500 in travel expense reimbursement. Upon receiving an invitation to such a tournament, referees are to contact the SRA ( to confirm eligibility.

The SRA will confirm that the event qualifies under this policy.

A Technical Committee comprised of the SDI, SDA, SYRA, and SARA will determine if each referee is qualified under this policy, based upon the refereeā€™s development and potential.

The SRA will inform the referees if they are or are not eligible for a travel stipend and inform the SRC of the decision.

Upon return from such tournaments, eligible referees must submit a Travel Expenses voucher with supporting receipts to the SRA with a copy to the NJSRC office ( and for review and approval. Individual referees are limited to three (3) such reimbursements per calendar year. Exceptions to the annual reimbursement limit may be requested prior to attending such an event.

Referees invited to National Championships (such as Development Academy, NCS, Presidents Cup, etc.) may request to have all uncovered travel expenses reimbursed.

(approved by NJSRC on 12/12/2019, implemented as of 3/11/2020)

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