Become a Referee

Welcome to the first step in becoming a soccer referee!

OUR ONLINE CLASSES ARE temporarily closed for REGISTRATION as we update our material. (as of 2/19/2021)

Effective July 1, 2019, US Soccer has introduced the name Grassroots Referee to replace the former “grades” of 7, 8, and 9. The US Soccer Digital Learning Center has also became the hub for all registration activities

You must be 13 or older to set up an account in the Learning Center.

Step 1: Create a Profile at US Soccer Referee Learning Center (LC)

Step 2: Register for an Online-Course ($130)  Courses will be reposted in March 2021.

  • Our Online Course consists of 2 parts – Online training thru the LC and a law/field webinar thru zoom. Your online session registration will be hosted on (will be referred to as the LC).  Your must complete the online training thru your LC account prior to attending a webinar.  Webinar session registration will be hosted on (you must set up a separate account here too).  Directions are below.
  • Registration for an online course includes US Soccer licensing and liability insurance. This fee also includes a US Soccer Referee uniform and Starter Kit from Official Sports. Information on ordering will be emailed to you once you complete both the online and webinar requirements.  We do NOT offer full refunds.

Step 3: Complete All 5 Assignments posted in your LC Assignments Tab Prior to attending your Webinar Session – assignments are not available until you register for the class, classes should be reposted in March 2021.

  • 100% of the Online Grassroots Referee Course MUST be completed before attending the webinar session. Estimated time to complete is 4.5-6 hours. It is suggested that you print out, or save to your computer, a copy of your Certificate of Complete.  Also it is a good idea to take a screen shot or a photo with your phone of the final completion screen of your online training just in case of any issues.
  • Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments must be completed prior to the webinar session
  • Grass Roots Quiz must be completed prior to the webinar session
  • Safe Sport Certification (if 18 or older) must be completed prior to the webinar session – Estimated time to complete is 2-2.5 hours
  • Complete the US Soccer NCSI Background Check (if 18 or older) ($30) – Valid for two years. -Takes 7-10 days to clear. Your background check must be cleared before your registration will be processed. We do not accept any other background checks.

Step 4:  Sign up for a Digital Classroom Session Webinar – classes should be reposted in March 2021.

  • Set up an account as a new user at  This account must be set up separate from your LC account.
    • There is no additional fee for this session.  This course will require an override code to register. Codes will be posted in the LC Communications tab.  Do not put questions in the Communications tab for the office it is not monitored by the office.  Please email all questions to
  • This session will last approximately 6 hours.  Classes run on one full day.  You must attend the entire webinar on the day you have registered for.  Emails will be sent to all attendees at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled webinar with instructions and links.  You can also find the link to the webinar posted in your account under Confirmed Registration.
  • More classes will be added on a continual basis

Step 6: Download the IFAB Laws of the Game (LOTG)

  • The LOTG are also available as an app on both Android and iOS.
  • You can either use the link provided above or find the link in your account under Resources.
  • It is not required to print the LOTG document.

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