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Digital Referee Course

The Digital Referee course is open to any first-time official.  Your digital license will cost $40.

The Digital Referee license will be completed entirely online only.  All registration and online training will be completed at (LC).  Once all requirements are met, you will be a registered Digital Referee and can officiate any lower-level youth affiliated travel soccer game as a referee or assistant referee.


NJ’s Digital Referee Restrictions are as follows:

  • Assistant Referee up to a U15 game

  • Referee up to a U12 game


All refereeing game assignments are subject to the assignor’s discretion while following NJ Digital Referee Restrictions listed above.  Not all states accept a digital license.  If you live or officiate outside of NJ, you will have to inquire with that state to see if they will accept your digital license.


Your Digital Referee online training takes approximately 2.5 hours.  The requirements are:

  • Take the online course and study the material

  •  Pass the online test

  •  Submit your credentials to a USSF Referee Assignor in your area (contact info will be provided when you complete the course).

If you are 18 and older, you will also have to submit:

  • a background check (additional $23 fee, takes 7-10 days to clear)

  • complete the Safesport training (approximately 2.5 hours, no additional fee).


Once you complete all your requirements, you account will be registered.  Reports are run the begining of the week and badges are mailed out later that week.


In order to officiate in NJ, you must have a full uniform (USSF official referee shirt, referee shorts, referee socks, whistle and flags).  Our affiliated provider is Official Sports International (OSI).  You can contact them, or any other supplier of your choice, to order and pay for a USSF referee uniform.  An order form for OSI is posted in your Digital Referee class under Library>Files.  Please reach out directly to them to order as the referee office is not involved in that process.

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