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Your 2021 Referee Account Status

This is important information for all referees registered through the NJ State Referee Committee for the registration years 2020 or 2021. We cannot stress enough how important it is that you monitor your license and account status in the US Soccer Learning Center (LC) at learning.ussoccer.com.

If you were not licensed for 2020, you must go through the US Soccer re-certification process for 2021.

If you were licensed for 2020, however, your registration has been carried over to 2021 without requiring any additional fee. DO NOT sign-up for a 2021 re-certification class; no refunds will be provided if you do.

While your registration is carried over, there are still additional requirements you must meet to have your license approved and to receive a 2021 badge.

  • You MUST complete the Laws of the Game update module in the Learning Center.
  • You must keep you Introduction to a Safe and Healthy Playing Environment up to date. This expires one year from the date you completed it.
  • If eighteen years of age or older you must have a current SafeSport certification. This expires one year from the date you last completed it.
  • If eighteen years of age or older you must have a current background check clearance. This expires two years from the date you last received it.
  • If you turn eighteen years of age during the year, you must complete both the SafeSport and the background check, or your license will be suspended.

Please check the status of your 2021 Referee account by logging into your learning.ussoccer.com (LC) account.  On your profile page, you will find the status of your account. To complete an outstanding assignment, choose [COURSES] then [AVAILABLE COURSES] and then [SUPPLEMENTAL COURSES]. You must register for each (there is no cost, i.e., the fee is $0). You must make sure you complete all tasks and submit upon completion.

Your account and license will be automatically updated once you complete outstanding requirements. You do not need to mail or email the Referee Office that you have done so; in fact, we ask that you do not.

Once your license has been approved, the Referee Office will mail you your 2021 badge. This batch process is performed once a week.

NOTE: if your license is suspended by US Soccer due to the expiration of one of the requirements, you MUST NOT referee, even if we have already sent you your badge. It is your responsibility to know the status of your license and resolve any issues. Should you receive a suspension notice from US Soccer, you must notify your assignor(s) immediately. Failure to receive the notice is not an excuse; referees should log into their account periodically to check their status. It is your responsibility to make sure your email address and mailing address are correct in the Learning Center. We ask that you also make sure it is correct in GameOfficials.