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2016 Upgrade Requirements
Click Links Below for Upgrade Procedures and Process

If you are a Grade 9 Referee and are looking to upgrade to a Grade 8, you must:

  • Be 16 years old
  • Take the Grade 8 Entry Level Referee Course in full – to do this go on-line and sign up and pay for the grade 8 referee course fee and USSF registration fee


      • Pass the Grade 8 Entry Level Referee Course


    If you have any questions, please contact Kevin Dearman, New Jersey State Youth Referee Administrator at

UPDATED: Looking for an Assignor

Remember that you are an independent contractor and need to contact assignors with your availability.


The list of assignors has been updated to include contact information as well as the leagues/clubs/towns/tournaments that each assigns.  Click the link below to open the list as an Excel file.

2016 Assignor List 

If you need League information and are looking for assignors, click on the link below to find the referee contacts for the youth leagues in New Jersey.

League Contacts


Referee Recertifications for 2017
Recertifications for 2017
ALL Referees are Required to Recertify ANNUALLY

The 2017 Grade 9,8,7 and 6 Referee Recertifications Have Been Posted on Game Officials

>>> Register for 2016 GRADE 9,8,7,6 Recertifications<<

Please note: this year the Grade 9,8,7,6 recertification exam will be administered in the classroom session

The "Online" exam is ONLY for those that do not pass the classrom exam, there is no prerequsite exam


​All referees registered for 2016 and 2017 MUST recertify for 2017 by attending one of the 2017 recertification classes. 

Grade 8 and 9 referees will attend the same class.  Grade 7, 5, 6,13,15 will attend another a different class.


          G8/9 Recert     G7+ Recert
December sat 17   Edison - am     Edison - pm
  Wed 28   Edison      
January sat 7        
  sun 8   EastWindsor      
  sat 14        
  sun 15   Edison      
  sat 21   Eatontown      
  sun 22   SaddleBrook Edison    
  sat 28   Edison - pm BuddLake   Edison - am
  sun 29   CherryHill      
February sat   4   Edison EastWindsor    
  sun Superbowl        
  sat 11  Edison      
  sun 12   Eatontown      
  sat 18   Edison Cherry Hill    
  sun 19   Edison - pm SaddleBrook   Edison - am
  sat 25  Eatontown      
  sun 26   EastWindsor Edison    
March sat 4   BuddLake      
  sun 5   Edison Cherry Hill    
  sat 11  Eatontown EastWindsor    
  sun 12  Edison BuddLake    
  sat 18   Edison      
  sun 19   Hasbrouck Hts      


Duties and Responsibilities of the Referee and Assistant Referee From Kevin Dearman, New Jersey State Youth Referee Administrator
Pre Game Conference Template

One of the critical items in having a successful match is having a pregame conference with the referee team. Each member of the team needs to know what will happen in given situations to insure that those situations are dealt with properly.

The below link is an outline of the minimum topics that should be contained in your Pre Game Conference. Remember, this is just the beginning template. As you move forward, your Pre Game should and will include more information based upon experiences you had during your games.

Pre Game Conference Template 

How to Write a Misconduct Report

If you display a yellow or red card for misconduct during your game, you must do the paperwork!

The paperwork is as much a part of the game as calling fouls. Team, coach, and player discipline cannot be done properly unless you turn in ALL misconduct reports promptly and correctly.

Why bother click here 

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